Comic strip fallacies

False Dichotomy

My father is an antique gun collector. Can someone please fire a pistol into the air so that we can get started? I agree with my opponent that pornography is a national problem, and I am almost persuaded by his argument that women are being degraded and victimized by pornography.

Presidential candidate on the campaign trail: How is this used in real life?

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Fidel Castro, President of Cuba: You are misrepresenting my position! What a ridiculous assertion! The spokesperson for each group will share their ideas to the class. On the other hand, if you point out exactly what logical fallacy you claim they are using, you both can figure out objectively whether the accusation stands or falls, and the conversation actually gets somewhere.

Do you want to outlaw knives and cars too?

Small Reference Pools

Americans will also mention Three Mile Island, though it was relatively tame in comparison. Editor, I hope you will agree that this little escapade by my son has no real news value.

That thesis is clearly erroneous since Mr. What's wrong with this picture? Let me illustrate the rigorous requirement of this moral norm.


So, adhering strictly to the logic of the golden rule, it is my moral duty to help my neighbor who asks for assistance on an exam question. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense: We may safely conclude that prayer in public schools is clearly unconstitutional.

Lindsay Brown sent the following comments: To him, it was not too loud. As he's making his way to the American Embassy, a man walks up to him with a gun and says "Are you a Christian or a Muslim?Writer of the "Comic book urban legends revealed" online column since "demystifies all of the interesting stories, unblievable anecdotes, wacky rumors, and persistent myths that have piled up in the seventy-plus years of the comic book industry."--Cover, p Mar 03,  · Comic Book historian Weldon Adams discusses the educational comic strip "Texas History Movies" and the role it had in classrooms.

This is from the "Comics in the Classroom" panel presented by the. On the day on which we officially celebrate the birth of George Washington, and our many car dealers celebrate other, lesser, presidents, two comics have decided to honor America’s 43 chief executives by highlighting what they do best: running up huge deficits that scar our children emotionally.

Five things I often need a reminder of (as told through comic strips) A picture is worth a thousand words; a comic strip has 4 pictures. One. "A false dilemma is an argument that presents a set of two possible categories and assumes that everything in the scope of that which is being discussed must be an element of that set.

Oct 04,  · Informal Fallacies Ad Hominem-attacks not the issue but the person of the opponent A female senator to a male senator: “Now he is the poster boy of stem cell treatment that has long gone past its expiry date.

Comic strip fallacies
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