Cultural differences in marketing and advertising

People who are part of one culture may take in the whole picture in an advertisement and be able to report specific details of what they have seen, even in the background; those of another culture may only see and identify with the central figure and ignore background items altogether.

Sometimes you may have to change the whole message completely. By way of conclusion, we can see that the principles of advertising run through to cross cultural advertising too.

Case Study: Coca Cola’s Successful Cross-Cultural Marketing Campaigns

Only five subjects had been in Germany for more than 3 years. In this aspect advertising practice does not reflect the scientific results on advertising effectiveness. Chinese consumers believe collectivistic advertising more than individualistic advertising. For this reason, the subjects were only allowed to view the ads for two seconds.

The commentary on the ad ran: For example, the slogan employed by the computer games manufacturer, EA Sports, "Challenge Everything" raises grumbles of disapproval in religious or hierarchical societies where harmonious relationships are maintained through the values of respect and non-confrontation.

Culture in Advertising

This refers to groups of people within a culture that differentiate themselves from the larger culture to which they primarily belong. Furthermore the standardization of advertising makes it easier to build up an internationally uniform image of a company e.

The marketing mix and the 4Ps product, price, promotion and place channels play a role in establishing a marketing strategy Kotler et al. For example, advertising that focuses on individual success, independence and stressing the word "I" would be received negatively in countries where teamwork is considered a positive quality.

In conjunction with an experiment, this article attempts to reveal whether it is more effective to differentiate print ads that are used in Germany and China, or whether it is possible to use a more standardized approach. However, it has to be kept in mind that there might be an influence of the student sample with regard to the fact that a clothing ad was chosen, as students are said to have a stronger need for peer approval Sears,p.

Philip Kotler, marketing professor at Northwestern University, says that global strategies work best in categories where the trend toward global integration is strong and local cultural influences are weak, such as the consumer electronics market.

What Is the Difference in Global Advertising & International Advertising?

It has a role-defining function in society and is often used to communicate specific values and specific lifestyles Manrai et al. Companies can adapt to the same promo strategy to as the home market or adapt for each local market.

Symbols and Symbolism Symbols in relation to cultural influences refers to language, both spoken and unspoken. For example, communication styles can be explicit or implicit. Studies analyzing the advertising effectiveness.

Life is also full of smaller rituals such as watching a television show at a certain time or having dinner every Tuesday at your favorite restaurant. The attitude toward the ad was measured with two specific questions How much did you like the ad?

Symbols and Symbolism Symbols in relation to cultural influences refers to language, both spoken and unspoken.Multicultural marketing acknowledges differences in perception, motives and beliefs among consumers with different cultural backgrounds, utilises cultural norms of several cultures to maximise exposure of the businesses product or services by demonstrating interest and appreciation of.

In short, cultural differences matter. Global Marketing and the Color of Success. Color is a universal element of good web design (unless you’re confined for technical reasons to black and white).

But the associations people have with various colors and how they receive that color in an ad are shaped by their culture. Jun 27,  · To develop a successful marketing strategy, an organization must take into consideration the cultural influences of the society where a new product is being introduced.

After all, notions about cultural differences are often the basis for international marketing communications as well as global brand management strategies. Indeed, the perceived importance of cultural issues has been increasing, fueled by new technologies that allow marketers to.

Sep 16,  · How Cultural Marketing Works Cultural marketers seek to get behind movements and deep trends in the prevailing culture.

Seven culture-defining differences between UK and US ads

For example, take Dove's Real Beauty campaign. It is marketing logic, for example, that created the "global advertising campaign", one single advertising message used in all countries where the product is made or distributed.

This global campaign is both more efficient and less expensive for a firm.

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Cultural differences in marketing and advertising
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