Essay on the destruction of the berlin wall

Nonetheless, it is necessary to clearly realise that the current problems are temporary and in larger terms the fall of the Berlin Wall is rather positive than negative because the existing socio-economic differences and problems would be minimized in the future and in perspective there would be little or no significant difference between East and West Germany.

Actually, it seems to be quite strange when people, which have the common culture, traditions, and moral values, are separated and cannot communicate and share their ideas, beliefs, and cultural achievements freely.

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Also, Ulbricht put so much pressure on factory workers to increase industrial output, that many factory workers fled to West Berlin to escape it.

This left a power vacuum that descended into conflict which killed many thousands of people. Moreover, even a slight economic improvement did not stop the of people who tried to escape each year Childs p. Soon the wall was gone and Berlin was united for the first time since The result was that many people who lived in East Berlin fled to West Berlin.

The Destruction of the Berlin Wall - Coursework Example

Obviously, the Berlin Wall caused a lot of deaths and tragedies in lives of many people. Eventually, the GDR built 12 checkpoints along the wall. Among them were increases in highway accidents, weapons and currency smuggling and robberies. If you are looking for a professional term paper writer — Professay.

The rapid growth of West Berlin afforded them the ability to buy appliances and build comfortable homes. However, it is impossible to clearly realise all the affects of the fall of the Berlin Wall without discussion of its historical role and the causes, which actually led to its ruination.

As a result, such a situation creates a number of moral and ethical problems that have to be solved. Thus, the fall of the Berlin Wall was as symbolic as its construction since the latter symbolised separation of Germany and German people, while the former was basically caused by the desire of German people live in a united country.

Thus, people of the country could be really free and independent from the dominant political ideology in the country. Naturally, they desired to trespass and died or were arrested.

It is very important to underline that the building of the Berlin Wall was a great historical step which symbolized the separation of Eastern, socialist Germany as well as the rest of socialist Europe from their Western, capitalist neighbours.

Search our thousands of essays: It is evident that the totalitarian regime controlling the GDR and Eastern Europe was about to ruin and the changes started in many socialist countries, including the USSR and naturally the GDR could not fail to lead to democratisation of the country.The Berlin Wall/Bennett Throughout the history of the World, there are many great facts, and things to learn.

There is an abundance of information There is an abundance of information/5(1). The Fall of the Berlin Wall Essay examples - Between andthe Berlin Wall was known as a barrier between west Berlin and east Germany.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was symbolic for the division between democracy and communism during the Cold War. - Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall, for twenty-eight years, separated friends, families, and a nation.

A lot of suffering began for Germany when World War II commenced, but by the end of the war Germany was.

How Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Affect the World?

The Berlin Wall Essay examples Words | 7 Pages. sectors among the main Allied powers, as well as the capitol city of Berlin. World War II may have come to. The Berlin Wall Essay Words | 22 Pages the construction of The Berlin Wall, and the inner and outer factors that resulted in the destruction of The Berlin Wall.

How Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall Affect the World?

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Essay on the destruction of the berlin wall
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