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She is tolerant and outspoken; nothing need be hidden from her; she knows all that there is to be known of man and his passions. As the temple of Athena, the defending goddess of Athens, the Parthenon was the spot par excellence where the local citizens could demonstrate what they thought of themselves, their city and goddess, and how they were proud.

The Parthenon was built to house the huge gold and ivory chryselephantine statue of the goddess Athena wikipedia,Which was over 30 feet high, and portrayed the goddess in battle armor and holding in her outstretched hand a six-foot statue of Nike the figure of victory.

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But this is London, we are reminded; high among the bare trees are hung oblong frames of reddish yellow light—windows; there are points of brilliance burning steadily like low stars—lamps; this empty ground, which holds the country in it and its peace, is only a London square, set about by offices and houses where at this hour fierce lights burn over maps, over documents, over desks where clerks sit turning with wetted forefinger the files of endless correspondences; or more suffusedly the firelight wavers and the lamplight falls upon the privacy of some drawing-room, its easy chairs, its papers, its china, its inlaid table, and the figure of a woman, accurately measuring out the precise number of spoons of tea which——She looks at the door as if she heard a ring downstairs and somebody asking, is she in?

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Essay/Term paper: West side story and romeo and juliet are different in many wa

Now is the time of reckoning. Indeed it seemed as if the reality of things were displayed there on the rug. But what is the pin? Since perfectly rectilinear architecture appears curved to the human eye, the Parthenon's architects ingeniously designed subtle curves and inclines in its architecture to produce an optical illusion of completely straight lines.

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Friendship flourished, nor was there any lack of gift. And this construction was to comprise the ivory and golden statue of Athena and many temples to other goddesses, like Victory. Besides the wit and the anecdote and the brilliant descriptions of masquerades and midnight revelries his friends drew from him something superficial yet profound, something changing yet entire—himself shall we call it in default of one word for that which friends elicit but the great public kills?

They could see, but without looking. The attractive sculptures are considered to be the highest points of art of Greece.Now about injunctions: We have an injunction and we're going into court tomorrow morning to fight this illegal, unconstitutional injunction.

The Parthenon in Athens Essay

Essay on The Parthenon- A Culture in Itself - One of the most impressive accomplishments of Ancient Greece is the remarkable structure of the Parthenon on the Acropolis.

The Parthenon is one of the most inspiring works of architecture known to mankind. The Elgin Marbles (/ ˈ ɛ l ɡ ɪ n /), also known as the Parthenon Marbles (Greek: Γλυπτά του Παρθενώνα), are a collection of Classical Greek marble sculptures made under the supervision of the architect and sculptor Phidias and his assistants.

They were originally part of the temple of the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens. Essay WEST SIDE STORY IS DIFFERENT FROM ROMEO AND JULIET IN MANY WAYS Laurence's West Side story is an apparition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet differ in many ways. Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona in about West Side Story takes in New York City in Tony is the modern character of Romeo and Maria is the modern character of Juliet.

The Parthenon of Athens, which is located in Greece, has probably received more attention from than any other ancient structure. Words and photographs cannot do this great accomplishment justice. The Parthenon's construction, history, sculptures and its dreadful condition all tells a story, a story of a creative triumphant victory for the Greeks.

Essay The Parthenon. THE PARTHENON The Parthenon in Athens is the most important and characteristic monument of ancient Greek civilization, it is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. It shows the finest point of Greek architecture, history and ancient Greek religious beliefs.

Essay on the parthenon
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