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How would you define a functional family? The Court explained that in zoning for stable neighborhoods in a single family district, local governments must include the functional and factual equivalents of natural families, as well as traditional families.

Functional families laugh a lot. A mother may want to get a graduate degree, or a father may decide to retire early and start something new. Reading the Baer decision in light of the U.

Functional families encourage and provide: Allow Reasonable Expression of Emotions. The word has shifted its meaning considerably since it entered our language, currently contains many different senses, and in at least one of these senses may signify different things to different people. It used to be people in the family were labeled the smart one or the pretty one, the funny one or the shy one.

For a definition of family to be constitutionally permissible, it is necessary to ensure that alternative definitions of family include within them both traditional family units and well-defined non-traditional groups to whom the courts have extended due process protections.

A child who is temporarily away from the home because of placement in foster care is considered a member of the family. It is important for local officials, whether enforcing zoning regulations and building codes in combination or separately, to learn the law applicable to their respective area of responsibility.

What Makes a Family? Children, Say Many Americans

She wants to spend more time with her family. The Uniform Code is intended to address building construction and fire prevention concerns in a single code, in order to provide a basic minimum level of protection to all people of the State from hazards of fire and inadequate building construction.

Sauk family of photographed by Frank Rinehart in One of the primary functions of the family involves providing a framework for the production and reproduction of persons biologically and socially.

Since January 1,the Uniform Code has included several sub-units. There is [the] great importance of communication and equality in families, in order to avoid role strain. Here are two examples of how this might apply: A functional family lets people define themselves. Preservation of the character of single-family areas remains a legitimate purpose of zoning.

It got me thinking about that word, dysfunctional, and how it implies that there is an opposite, functional, family somewhere. See More First Known Use of family Noun 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2 Adjectivein the meaning defined at sense 1 History and Etymology for family Noun Middle English familie, from Latin familia household including servants as well as kin of the householderfrom famulus servant Adjective.

Therefore, for the purposes of the Uniform Code: In so doing, it avoids the constitutional problems associated with defining "family. Therefore, if two adults present together as a family, the recipient or subrecipient must serve the two adults as a family and may not require proof of marriage and may not limit assistance to couples in a heterosexual relationship.

An emergency shelter, transitional housing project, or permanent housing project that serves households with children.Family violence is a broader definition, often used to include child abuse, elder abuse, and other violent acts between family members.

Child abuse is defined by the WHO as: "Child maltreatment, sometimes referred to as child abuse and neglect, includes all forms of physical and emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Definition of family - a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit, all the descendants of a common ancestor, a group.

The Equal Access Rule defines family as follows: Family includes, but is not limited to, regardless of marital status, actual or perceived sexual orientation, or gender identity, the following. A single person, who may be an elderly person, displaced person, disabled person, near-elderly person, or any other single person; or.

Family definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! REAL family is a bondage that cannot be broken by any means.

Family relationships: Parents actually enjoy spending time with their children. They help them help themselves make it. family law - Legal Definition n Collectively, those laws dealing with matters of significant impact on family relationships, particularly adoption, divorce, custody, and abuse.

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