Sculpey clay projects

Unique Shape 12 of 13 The technique used for this bead was slicing off into sections until the proper shape was achieved. It is also great for a variety of techniques including color transfers, custom glazes, color washes, stained glass effects and faux enameling, just to name a few.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the second yellow log. Put a small amount of black on the end of the nose. It can be baked and hardened cured at relatively low temperatures in a home oven.

Click through the jump to see more! Add more clay around the eyes if they look too big. When your project is complete, make sure to bake it at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer for the specified amount of time usually a certain amount of time per thickness of the object to be baked.

Use what you prefer. It comes in a wide variety of colors in 2 oz.

Polymer Clay Crafts

Polymer clay is available in art, craft and hobby stores and in craft aisles of some stores like Walmart. Mold the wire so it forms a loop above the bead, make sure the loop is closed and sits directly above the bead.

Attach these to the head. Charleen had so much fun using the polymer clay that she stepped out of her comfort zone and made this sea dragon, her favorite piece, which weaves in and out of a planter. Several of the colors are available in 8 oz. Garden stakes are another project Robin has been making for her own plants, using Sculpey polymer clay.

She says that she's learned to be patient using polymer clay and that when something doesn't turn out the way she's hoping, she simply rolls the clay up into a ball and starts over.

To decorate the epoxy and Sculpey polymer clay pendant, you will need to add a few beads to an eye-pin. Using a glass or marble work surface, or even waxed paper, the artists begin a project by softening the clay with their hands. Make sure to only use well-conditioned clay in an extruder.

One tip I have for you is to keep your piece covered when you are letting it cure. Use the round nose pliers form a loop in the end of the wire.Garden Art Creations: Polymer Clay in the Garden. Posted by @Boopaints on August 19, Garden stakes are another project Robin has been making for her own plants, using Sculpey polymer clay.

She uses coat hangers to hold the clay stakes and stickers to embellish them. Polymer Clay Polymer Clay AKA Scupley or FIMO is colorful clay that can be baked in a regular oven to cure. It is more expensive than air-dry clay and typically used for jewelry making or small sculptural projects.

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Which is the clearest Translucent Polymer Clay? Ginger Davis Allman February 8, Articles, Ginger's Famous Tests and Results, How To, Learn About Polymer Clay Created with Pardo Professional Art Clay, this necklace shows how you can create designs that take advantage of the translucent properties and the clarity of color.

Polymer Clay Roller Wax paper (to protect your surface) Stamp(s) Cutter(s) Sculpey Gloss optional toothpicks or paperclips for making holes Jewelry bail or tray, or keep it simple and just add a jump ring Chain.

I used about 1/8 of a package of Sculpey clay in silver. I just rolled it into a ball. Polymer Clay Ideas: GIANT Clay Beads.

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Sculpey Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace with Epoxy Resin Top Coat

I love supersizing projects! I was trying to decide between a few polymer clay ideas for this post when it occurred to me to simply make it big.

My kids will love to try this project. Time to order some Sculpey! Reply.

Sculpey clay projects
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