Vernacular architecture of the shotgun house essay

An overview of its development highlights the ways in which a house type that has more often seemed like an economic instrument than a work of architecture accrues cultural density and meaning.

In his Shotguns series ofBiggers treated the shotgun cottage iconically rather than naturalistically. Vlach suggests that African slaves also borrowed from the house forms invented by French slave owners living in Haiti Vlach, So why is this important?

More essays like this: Vlach found an example of the shotgun type recorded as early as in the New Orleans Notarial Archives.

The Shotgun Cottage in Houston: With more limited opportunities for economic and political mobility, African Americans remained behind in the only housing available to them.

The Trouble with Typology: Exposing an Essentialist Model of Cultural Analysis

Readings in American Vernacular Architecture. As a structure, the shotgun house is a symbol of architecture created to express life lived in transition, life that is not fixed or static.

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Hooks It is important to note that the design of the Shotgun house is interpreted here as emerging from a dynamic process, defined through the social needs of migrant communities. Citation Information The following information is provided for citations.

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The Bohio form of the Arawak Indians also made room for a front porch that was passed onto the Shotgun houses found in the United States. A construction method known as briquette entre poteux, where a mortice tenon system is supported with diagonal lumbers in the interior corners and filled with brick and mortar, was introduced by Europeans to Haiti and Louisiana used the same materials of most African cultures.

Vernacular architecture of kerala essays on abortion 4 stars based on 90 reviews. The Greenlaw and Vance-Ponotoc areas of Memphis still contain some of these early frame shotguns, although they are disappearing rapidly.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Vlach analyzes the adoption of mortar and building dimensions in the construction of elaborate plantation houses, urban housing in free black communities and slave cabins as proof that there was a development of architectural style over time from rural to urban housing, suggesting that the shotgun was nothing new.

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For Vlach, migrants look for similarities between design elements in their home cultures and those in their new contexts to create forms that preserve the central aspects of their material culture.

Vernacular Architecture of the Shotgun House Essay Sample

The historical development of the Shotgun house demonstrates the active and dynamic processes that should be associated with vernacular architectures. Finally, there are three accepted and identifiable periods of shotgun house construction.

InHaitian migration fluxed the number of free blacks in New Orleans area to one ninth of the population. It is important as a historian to correctly tie the identity of vernacular architecture to its origin.

The prototypical shotgun has only one window and a door on its front facade, and it is typically twelve feet wide. Some of these migrants were carpenters and builders, and thus continued their syncretic process of adjusting native housing forms to fit the technologies and lifestyles of the New World.

Vlach uses the example of many black architects. Its perpendicular alignment breaks with the usual Euro-American pattern, in which the gables are on the sides and the entrance is on the facade or long side.

New Day Films Share this: Essay on the central nervous system Essay on the central nervous system whap comparative essay thesis. Associated especially with working class African-American neighborhoods in Houston and the South, it was a local, vernacular house type that in the last decades of the nineteenth century made the transition to a widely diffused, mass-produced, popular house type.

Article Title Shotgun Houses. These rental shotguns for the working class featured little ornamentation. The material characteristics that most readily identified the Shotgun house as a vernacular typology — the axial arrangement of its door openings and the presence of an ornamented and gabled front porch — are significant in so far as they reflected the social needs of each cultural group that used the form during a specific time period.

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Vlach an architectural historian is making it his mission to correct his peers understanding and clarify that the origin of. Essay on Vernacular Architecture - Mongolian Ger For the majority, the region of Mongolia is a high flat landmass with extreme temperature changes, strong winds and low levels of humidity; conditions of a continental climate.

Simply defined, the shotgun is a narrow house, one room wide and at least three rooms deep, oriented with its gable end facing the street. The prototypical shotgun has only one window and a door on its front facade, and it is typically twelve feet wide. Essay on Vernacular Architecture: Hebridean Black House - Hebridean Black House The Black House located on the Hebridean islands of Scotland’s west coast stand for one of the earliest type of house forms of this region.

This entire region has substantially high levels of humidity as a result of the maritime climate. Shotgun House Commentary "The Shotgun house is a more modest relation of the New York City [brownstone house] and the [Charleston Single House].

Like the brownstone, the entry to the Shotgun house is on one side of the facade with adjacent windows overlooking the street. The White House, The Capitol Building, The Lincoln Memorial, all these things have been affected by ancient Roman architecture.

This ancient Roman architecture came to be around the time period of the Pax Romana in the Roman Empire.

Vernacular architecture of the shotgun house essay
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